Jensen A 141 XL – Unmatched Power and Performance – 12 X 16″

Jensen 141 the only machine of its size to offer a 270° turntable

Enormous power, compact, low weight and efficient. The Jensen A141 XL is the optimum machine for professional users.

The Jensen A141 XL provides its users with huge power and high productivity in one compact and efficient machine! Need more convincing? Check out its brilliant list of features. You will not be left disappointed.

Key Features

With a massive 300mm diameter capacity the 141 XL churns out chip at a staggering 35m3 per hour. The machine’s massive 385kg flywheel generates substantial inertia resulting in an un-matched chipping force being applied to the materiel.

  • Open hopper for digger feeding
  • 270° Turntable
  • 360° rotatable chute – designed to specification
  • Synchronously driven feed rollers (hydraulic – Mech.)
  • Hydraulic feed control over safety bar
  • Robust housing with noise insulation
  • Electrical feeder control via sensor buttons
  • Water cooled 4 cylinder 56KW engine
  • Chips timber up to 300mm in diameter
  • 500hr maintenance interval
  • Most efficient diesel engine in the 37-56kw range
  • Great access for easy maintenance
  • Output of 35m³/hr
  • Dimensions: 4600 x 2300 x 3100 mm. – 3000kg


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Version with PTO
  • Three-point linkage Cat II or III chassis at 25 km / h or 80 km / h
  • Hydraulic (oil supply independent of tractor / vehicle)
  • Hacker rigid or rotatable part 30 ° and 90 °
Execution engine – chassis
  • Single axle or tandem chassis
  • Adjustable hitch with ball coupling or hitch


  • Automatic overload protection


Technical Specifications
A141 XL
Infeed Roller Aperture 410 x 300mm
Feed hopper Width x Height 1.370 x 840mm
Engine (Diesel) Kubota 50.0 kW / 68.0 hp
Flywheel dimensions 1.060 x 40 mm
Flywheel weight 270 kg
Number of blades 2
Output (approx.) 35m³/hr
Length x Width x Height 4.600 x 2.300 x 3.100 mm
Approx weight depending on model 3000 kg
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